Transformational Coaching (NLP)

What is transformational coaching? I am glad you asked. My training is in transformational coaching that has its roots in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP works with neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic), and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming) from the premise that these can be changed to achieve your goals in life.

Sounds like therapy. How is transformational coaching different from traditional therapy?

Transformational coaching focuses on:

    • Working with a CLIENT
  • Understanding the MEANING the CLIENT is MAKING
  • Working in the PRESENT to help you create a compelling FUTURE
    • Assuming that the client is HEALTHY and not broken
    • A PARTNERSHIP OF EQUALS where the coach encourages the client to find their OWN solutions
    • Helping the client to discover the PROCESS by which they prevent the achievement of goals and objectives and assists with LEARNING NEW WAYS OF THINKING
    • Connecting into the PAST only to use as a FRAMEWORK for the PRESENT and to create the FUTURE
  • The possibility that CHANGES can be FAST and FUN
  • The client’s responsibility for the outcomes and control over their results

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EVERYONE needs to experience Transformational Coaching! I’ve been to my fair share of counseling, but my coaching sessions with Melissa were mindblowing; it is something better experienced than can be described. Painful deep-rooted beliefs that I once felt weighed down and overwhelmed by are now incredibly beautiful and essential pieces of who I am. Without Melissa, I might still be running in circles stuck in old patterns, but now I’m bursting in the seams with newfound freedom, pure joy, and making incredible progress toward making new goals and dreams come true.” Kristina W.